JISC Collections is a membership organisation, established by the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils, to support the procurement of digital content for education and research in the UK. To support our negotiation and licensing work and to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our member, we manage a large programme of projects and research that:

  • Examines the needs and behaviours of modern students and researchers to inform resource development and licensing
  • Explores how innovative tools and technology can support efficient procurement
  • Develops effective and sustainable business models for e-resources
  • Leads to collaborative licensing for wider access
  • Keeps us, and our members, at the forefront of the scholarly communications environment.

A major focus of our projects and research is e-books in education. As one of the more recent to emerge forms of scholarly communication, there is a plethora of information and knowledge to be learned to help inform licensing and business models that meet the needs of the academic community.

This website presents four of our major e-book projects: